My Wedding – Wedding Stationery (Part 1)

Our Wedding Stationery As a designer I knew that I would never be fully happy with template wedding stationery and wanted to create something that truly reflected us.  I did spend a lot of time on Pinterest  (to have a look at my Pinterest board click here) to decide on the elements I liked of different designs before pulling them together for a design to fit my wedding inspiration.   Wedding Stationery – Save the date cards… Read More

Rustic Vases for my Wedding

My wedding decor is to be pretty natural and I have seen some cute little vases on Pinterest that I love and am going to recreate.  To see my wedding mood board click here       I’ve collected some little wine bottles, jam jars and coffee jars so the first job is to clean off the labels and decide on some designs.  

My Wedding – Napkin Rings

It’s the little touches that make a wedding and one thing that I am insisting on is linen napkins with napkin rings that match the feel of my wedding. Having seen these on pinterest and loving them but needing to keep to a tight budget, I am making my own similar ones.   I found a hessian and lace ribbon in our local pound shop so stocked up!   I.. Read More

The Wedding Diet (the 5-2 diet)

We all want to shift a bit of weight before our wedding and I am no exception.  I want to shed a further 1 1/2 stone.  When I say lose a further, let me explain. This time 4 years ago I had just come out of a toxic relationship, I had been pretty depressed and had a body I was ashamed of.  At that time I was sitting at an unhealthy.. Read More

I’m getting married! Wedding inspiration

my wedding inspiration

2017 is a big year for me.  Not only am I getting the business I’ve been preparing for the past year off the ground but I’m also getting married in September so this post is about my wedding inspiration.  I don’t want a theme but have always known the feel I want to create. Having been engaged for some two years now, the date is set and the planning is.. Read More