We all want to shift a bit of weight before our wedding and I am no exception.  I want to shed a further 1 1/2 stone.  When I say lose a further, let me explain.

This time 4 years ago I had just come out of a toxic relationship, I had been pretty depressed and had a body I was ashamed of.  At that time I was sitting at an unhealthy 14 stone 7lbs, my weight had crept up through comfort eating and drinking way too much.  Not only was I miserable, but now I was fat too!  It was time to change.

I had lost about a stone and was getting my life back on track when an old friend got in touch – the wonderful man that I am due to marry in September this year.  Together over the past three years we have both shifted weight just by healthy eating, exercise and when I’ve wanted to hurry things along I’ve used the 5:2 diet for a month to six weeks and shed half a stone.  I now sit at 11 stone and want to shift a further stone, maybe stone and a half before our wedding.

I am absolutely rubbish at dieting.  I love food and I love wine.  Hopefully the wedding dress I bought that I can’t quite do up yet will be great motivation!  I have been thinking that I have until September but I just realised that I should be having dress fittings in late June – Arghhh! That’s less than four months to shift the weight.  And I only thought about the fittings on my way back from Belgium having indulged in a gorgeous Belgium waffle!


Healthy weight loss is said to be 1.5 lbs a week.  12 weeks should have me pretty much at my ideal weight if I am strict with myself.  So I am back on the 5:2 diet and shall start the recipe section of my blog with day plans.

Today (Day 1) it is:

Breakfast – 1/4 of a galia melon with yogurt
Lunch – Chunky vegetable soup
Dinner – Stir fry vegetables, noodles with fish.